Monday, May 09, 2011

today's hike

i went for a hike today with the rubester and it was so peaceful!  i was able to take my time and look for things that i don't normally see when i'm waking with the girls and phil.  i could actually look for birds when i heard them call, i loved it!  and i was thrilled to see a rose breasted grosbeak (see pic)... that's not a common sighting for me.

tomorrow for my 11:00 am hike i'm going to bring along my camera so i can try to capture all of this great wildlife!  ruby had fun too lying in the stream to get a drink and scaring the little fish.  the trilliums are out in full force and there are even some wonderful purple ones that i will take a picture of tomorrow.  stay tuned...

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debbie said...

What a gorgeous photo. I am in North Carolina and a few years ago I had one of these that came and stayed for a couple of days, it was thrilling! can't wait to see more photos.