Monday, May 09, 2011

Fabulous Day

what a great day we all had yesterday!  it started out with a dip in the hot tub and then a relaxing lounge in the sun, next came some reading and after i finished my book i prepared a nice picnic lunch.  we drove down to waterford ponds had our lunch and then road our bikes along the trail... saw lots of turtles and a beautiful yellow bird that i have yet to identify.  ok, i just figured it out... it is a yellow warbler (isnt it cute!) then rode our bikes to the new playground in waterford and let the girls have some fun on the equipment.  then to timmies for some fruit smooties!  sophie helped me make homemade chilli for dinner and we ate while watching episodes of little house on the prairie and then the season finale of the amazing race (i really wanted the cowboys to win)... downloaded some new books to the kobo and off to bed.  it was a good day :)

how was your mother's day?

saturday didn't go so well as planned... i had attended the oxford centre country fair as a Scentsy vendor, but no one was in a spendy mood.  not sure if it was the location, or the crowd, but i did not even break even... apparently i wasn't the only one, the vendor beside me also complained that it just wasn't the greatest show even though tonnes of people came through.  i guess  you win some, you lose some...

ps: ipads on on backorder LOL!

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