Tuesday, May 10, 2011

nature hike

well today's hike was even much more fulfilling than yesterday and now i have it on film (or should i say digi).  I was able to get a few good shots of mr. grosbeak, i'm so happy he came back for the photo shoot.  i was also able to get some pictures of the yellow warbler... the first one i tried to capture just would not sit still and kept hopping from branch to branch making it almost impossible for me to find him while in full zoom... tricky tricky!  i got a cool picture of him in flight and then on the way back a different one was nice enough to stay put and sing to me while i zoomed in.  i was even lucky enough to find a cute little chipmunk who sat for me to take his photo.  i'll have to remember to take some peanuts with me tomorrow to show my thanks.  

ruby loves going for walks and swims and thankfully i got a picture of the little fish before she dove in for a well deserved drink of water.  She even sat still for me to take a few pictures of her too.

like i said yesterday, the trilliums are out and they are so pretty!  i really love the purple ones... it's nice to see so much colour again... i love spring!

have a look at my photos, i'd love to hear what you think!

oh and i'm so happy i've been called back to work with the MNR... i have a start date of June 27th... yes!  it's only a 5 month contract, but i'll take it!

tomorrow is value village day with jen and cherie and if we have time we might take a peek at the waterford antique market too... can't wait!  i love treasure hunting!

ok, enough blabbing, here are my photos...


Anonymous said...

great snaps!
love the one of the warbler 'singing' - i can almost hear him!

have fun walking, while you still have the time!

your sister

Anonymous said...

great pics, you should think about photography as more than a hobby shoot weddings and babies or families you have a good eye. \you are so lucky to have quite time right now to take these walks, take in every moment it will go fast.

More like....etc. said...

TINA! O.O these pics are GORGEOUS!
I want to hike there sometime with you ;)

{my word verification: gonad}
it made me laugh thought I'd share ;)

Mom said...

Tina the pictures a re gorgeouse. I am saving them to my computer to show the belgiums when they come.