Wednesday, May 11, 2011

just a quick post for tonight

had a great time today with amanda, jen and cherie shopping at VV... i had a 25% off coupon and saved a great deal on my purchases.  the girls were thrilled with all of their new t-shirts, shorts and gap hoodies as well as the new books and disney edition of trivial pursuit!  jen was nice enough to scope out some awesome birks for $5 bucks and yep they are a perfect fit!  thanks jen!  great day spent with great friends!

i was able to go for a walk with the girls when they came home from school.  we saw the grosbeak and warbler again, but i couldn't get a good shot this time.  the fish did not show their little faces and the chipmunk was also shy today, so the girls didn't get to see them.  i did however take some other random photos...  love to hear what you think.


Anonymous said...

Awesome pics, Tina!! Even though you say you're just getting lucky, I thin you really do have a knack for photography:)
I had a great time yesterday too:). C

More like....etc. said...

definitely great company! ;)
~wish our visits were longer!

your pictures are awesome! ya, I have to agree with Cherie - perhaps you can be a libraian-photographer ;)

I know a family you can "shoot" ;)


I even have a vision in mind for a picture on this trail!!!