Thursday, May 05, 2011

Hmmm... what to blog about today?

well... not much has been going on in the Werner household. i've been trying to do some cleaning but cleaning is so not fun! today i have wash the livingroom and bathroom floors on my list, but i might wash windows instead because its so sunny out!

cherie K. leant us season 1 and 2 of little house on the prairie and we are loving it!!! brings back memories of when i used to watch it with my parents LOL. oh and if you happen to watch season 1 episode "the racoon," be prepared for tears!!! oh my, sophie was leaking during the show and mia came to me sobbing after needing hugs... i found myself crying in almost all of the episodes hehe!

i think i have all my camping dates figured out and booked... i may need to book one more, but for now we have 3 places scheduled... Elora, Rockwood and Sibbald Point. should be fun! looking forward to spending some family time camping with my crew.

scentsy is going very well... i have another show this week-end if anyone is interested in coming out and saying hi. its at the Oxford Centre United Church 505225 old stage road, RR #4 woodstock from 9 to 2. i'll have my entire stock with me (mother's day is coming... hint, hint).

next week i'll be heading to backus mill with sophie's class. its been a long time since i've been there... should be fun and i'm actually looking forward to it.

also next week i'm planning on hitting value village with 2 of my friends to see what kinds of treasure i can find. i'm looking forward to spending time with cherie and jen!

this is just a random shot of phil and i from new years dinner with dave and cherie. i felt i needed to add something to my blog post, but i haven't been taking pictures lately, so this will have to do LOL!

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