Friday, May 06, 2011

Friday... May 6th Blog Post

today is friday and the beginning of mother's day weekend... it should be a weekend don't you think?  one day isn't enough for all we do LOL!  anyhow... i've put a bug in phil's ear on what i want for "my" special day and it looks a little something like this:

i don't usually ask for anything for mother's day, but phil has been talking about the ipad non-stop and thinks i should have one and... well... yes, i agree!  tee-hee!  

my sister lisa and my adorable little nephew are coming down today to visit for mother's day.  we are taking my mom out for dinner to Amigas in simcoe (mmm authentic mexican) our favourite restaurant... can't wait for the chicken soft tacos yummy!

well, i was suppose to cut the grass today, but its not looking good... such a crappie grey day.  i need more sun and vitamin D!

not sure if i'll get around to blogging on the weekend so i just want to wish all of the mothers out there a very "Happy Mother's Day"... you deserve it for all you do!  i'll leave you with these funny cards...


Ki said...

Well, if Phil says you SHOULD have one, let the man have his way for goodness sakes!! Lovin' all the cards - blunt cards make me howl! The chicken and egg one is priceless though...might have to borrow that one!
Fantastic pic of you and your kids too!! I do believe your hair my be getting longer!!
Happy Mother's Day Tina!! Enjoy that new iPad ;-)

More like....etc. said...

woot woot!! ipad sounds like a FABBY gift!!! ;)
happy momma day, er, WEEKEND to you too!! <3 HUGS!!

Bobbi-Lynn said...

Funny, my dh says I should have one too. He wanted to buy it for my birthday tomorrow, but I can't think of what I would use it for. I am at home most times, have a brand new laptop, not sure what I would do with this. Please tell me how you like it, and how you use it so that I can make up my mind ;-)
Enjoy!! And Happy Mother's day!