Thursday, April 14, 2011

give me strength...

welp, i'm just in the process of wrapping up my first set of 4 classes for the library technician distance ed course through mohawk.  one more assignment to finish and the i've gotta hit the books and study!  ugh!  not my idea of fun... i never thought i'd have to go thru that again after i graduated from college { how many years ago?  i won't say }.  thank goodness i only have 2 exams to write, unfortunately they are both scheduled for the same day, another ugh!  six hours of happy times!  NOT!  anyhoo, its gotta be done so i can pass and move on to the next set of courses.  wednesday april 19th is the big day, please wish me luck and give me strength!  i need to keep my eye on the prize LOL!

maybe one day i'll be this good... HA!

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