Sunday, April 15, 2007

Tina needs...

This is so funny...

I got this off of my friend Jen H's blog. All you do is google "Your name plus the word needs" behind it and copy and paste the results.

Here are mind for a good laugh...

Tina needs a slower-paced home.
Tina needs to get over herself!
Tina needs sleep.
Tina needs to be seen for you to understand exactly what she had to go through to get where she is today; one hell of a rock diva.
Tina needs to stay away from all that glitter.
Tina needs to stop winning.
Tina needs to go to a home with no other dogs.
Tina needs a weave 'upgrade'ASAP!
Tina needs to take a break.
Tina needs to crawl back in her hole.
Tina needs a loan.
Tina needs our financial support so that she can stay in DC and keep fighting to defend her son and his comrades and end the war.
Tina needs to be kept as an indoor cat.
Tina needs a PCA to help her with daily living activities like bathing, preparing food, and other arduous tasks that are difficult because of her disability.
Tina needs help?

Try this out and post to your blogs, it's fun! Post a comment if you have, i'd love to read about your needs ;) hehehe!


Jen Hoover said...

Roflmbo!!! :D some of those sent me into a gigglefest! :D

did ya take advantage of FREE shipping today? ;)

house stuff -is looking good! I'm about to blog about it!!

Heather said...

LOL! That is fun. Some of mine are fun.