Monday, May 02, 2011

Windstorm Damage in Our Area...

Mia & Sophie were called to be picked up at school on Thursday morning at 11:00 due to no hydro.  I picked them up and then took a drive (one big loop) and here is some of the damage that we encountered... scary!  A lot of these photos were taken on our road, or just around the corner.  Our neighbours trampoline ended up across the back field and settled nicely in the forest!  Cinderblock barely held our hot tub cover down... what a crazy storm!

We had no hydro for 3 full days and the girls had another day off school... the house was very chilly and Phil is now considering a backup generator.

Some of the hydro poles were snapped right in half and were left hanging!  Many of the big fir trees toppled right over, rootball and all because the soil was so damp.  Shed roofs blew off and since it was garbage/recycling day our lawn was scattered with trash, but we now have acquired a total of 4 new black boxes LOL!!!

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