Saturday, April 16, 2011

Scentsy Buddies... FAQ!

I have a lot of customers ask me if the Scentsy Buddies are safe for children, so i have copied a bit of information from the main website to share with you.

Are the Scentsy Buddy and the Scent Pak safe for children?

Both the Scentsy Buddy and the Scent Pak have passed stringent product safety testing for the U.S. and Canadian markets, including specific safety tests for children’s toys. Both products passed tests for tear strength and foreseeable misuse, fabric composition and cleanliness, and toxicological assessments for banned or restricted chemicals without producing detectable amounts of any such substance.

Each Scentsy Buddy features a zippered pocket to hold yummy Scentsy scents! Just insert a Scent Pak™ and bring your Buddy to life with some of the best smells Scentsy has to offer. If you want your Buddy to smell really sweet, just give him (or her) a squeeze!

If you’d like to swap your Scent Pak with a different smell, just unzip your buddy, remove the Scent Pak, and replace it with another one of your favourites. 

Kids can use their Scent Pak to make their backpack, gym bag, or school locker smell good, too!

Scenty Paks are available in 30 different scents!  Click here to see what scentsy are available.

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