Sunday, November 07, 2010

A lot of people are asking "What is a Scentsy Warmer?"

It is a beautiful ceramic pot that houses a low-watt bulb to slowly warm our specially formulated Scentsy Bars into a pool of melted wax. This slow warming process maximizes the fragrance time of each scent. Because there is no wick or flame, there is also no smoke or soot. You will find Scentsy Warmers are not only beautiful, and match any home or office décor, but they also provide a safe way to enjoy the fragrance of our Scentsy Bars without any of the dangers normally associated with traditional candles.

Scentsy Candles are the Safest Candles
Have you ever wondered where all the wax goes when you burn a traditional jarred candle? The evaporated wax ends up on your walls, your fine furnishings, you even breathe it in! Because Scentsy Bars don’t burn, the wax doesn’t evaporate from the Scentsy Warmer. It stays there until you are ready to change it for another Perfect Scent.

The low wattage bulb, that actually comes with your Scentsy Warmer, is less wattage than leaving a porch light on. Unlike traditional candles, with Scentsy, you will never have to worry about an open flame again. No more emergency trips back home because you forgot to blow out the candle, no more worry for your children or pets. Our Scentsy Bars melt just enough to release the scent, and the wax is only a degree or two above body temperature so it never gets hot enough to burn you.

Scentsy Saves You Money
A Scentsy Bar last 50-80 hours of “ON” time. This is the approximate burn time of a 12 ounce jarred candle, but at a fraction of the cost. When you’re finished burning a candle, all you have is a sooty jar. But, with the Scentsy System, you have a beautiful addition to your home décor that can be used over and over again.

On the cord of your Scentsy Warmer you will find an On/Off switch. When your Scentsy Warmer is Off, the wax gets hard and you save your scent. When the switch is On, you’re using scent. The reason there is such a variance in time that a Scentsy Candle Bar lasts is because everyone’s sense of smell is different. Some like their fragrance to be strong, and as soon as it begins to fade, they want to change their Scentsy Bar. Others prefer just a hint of fragrance, and they find Scentsy Bars to last much longer for them.

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