Thursday, March 26, 2009

welp... what do ya think?

... of the new look? love to hear what you think...

i spent 3 long nights trying to figure out a new fresh look for my blog... hours and hours of searching websites for free blog templates... until finally i found this one! i've tweeked it a little, more to my liking. i'm still adding and subtracting as i go.

oh and somehow i lost the the ability to view the top menu bar on my page when i did the change over... anyone know how to fix this? i also can't see the little edit pencils at the bottom of each post or the little email envelopes? any thoughts on this?


Elaine said...

I love it! You've got something that feels fresh and modern, yet has a bit of a vintage feel (maybe it's the colors?). It's artsy, and feels really really cool! I love that you added that umbrella too! How fitting for the season with the blossoms!!

Jen said...

I like it. Good job.

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