Monday, April 07, 2008

Too Funny...

I read this blog every now and again when i need a giggle... book mark it, it will come in handy some day! motherhood is not for wimps scroll down to the thread called "What’s’a matter, Charlie?"... i almost spit out my coffee! then go on to read the comment by "Karin in CT"... too funny!


Anonymous said...

i always go look at the people that pop by for a visit! I went to the "motherhood is not for wimps" site. IT's HILAROUS! i bust out laughing a few times.

I'm the one from Calgary listed in your visitors.

I always say "hi" to new visitors, so "HELLO!!!!"


Jennifer said...

Haha Tina this is great! That kid is so cute..

I see you made it over to check g

Anonymous said...

THANK you so much for your nice comment on my blog! The buttons I used are from CREATIVE CAFE, I used the back of the buttons!