Sunday, April 20, 2008

Busy Day

i had absolutely no time to scrap yesterday... bummer because i really wanted to get into that scrapmagie kit. hubby and i work outside from 10 am until 5 pm and man am i sore! we have a very big side yard that had enormous sink holes that formed over the winter when we had all of that rain. we had put in a new septic system last year and i guess the soil never settled. soooo phil brought in 2 trailer loads of dirt and shovelled them in while i raked pretty much the entire yard! i also worked in the flower beds ripping out dead stuff, pulling out picky shrubs and hacking down an enormous euonymus tree! my arms just hung at their sides last night and today isn' t much better. i also stepped on a dead bee which stung me in the foot! my toe has turned bright red and is quite itchy today. i hope we have a max relax day today, cuz man i need it! 

don't forget about the blog candy... only  a few days left to post, so check out the post below!

have a great sunday... enjoy the weather, 40% chance of rain later this afternoon... blech!


scfranson said...

Hi Tina, I got your wonderful package of blog candy yesterday and want to say Thank You !! It's great and I'm excited to use it all.

joybear said...

Sounds like a lot of work! I bet it feels great having it all done!

Jen Hoover said...


can't wait for tomorrow! If Steve *needs* the car --we'll either get him to bus or we'll drop him off. The good thing about dropping him off is that it gets us (the kids and I) on the go go go!!! :D

Planning to leave right after we get up! need me to bring anything?

What's the plan for lunch?
Can't WAIT!