Sunday, March 11, 2007


I pulled this from Ubergoober's blog...

Feel free to cut and paste

I WANT: to be rich!
I HAVE: 2 beautiful girls and a husband who loves me
I WISH: I could stay home with my girls and become a SAHM
I HATE: taxes, mean people, not having enough time to scrap
I MISS: my Meme & Pepe (grandparents)
I HEAR: Sophie watching "Open Season" in the living room
I WONDER: what it would feel like to be rich?
I REGRET: not taking graphic design in college
I AM NOT: a liar
I DANCE: only when I've got a little booze in me
I SING: only in the car with my girls
I CRY: all the time (I'm such a sap)
I AM NOT ALWAYS: in a good mood...
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: teddy bears, scrapbook pages, my hair look nice
I WRITE: to my blog
I CONFUSE: my husband
I NEED: coffee in the morning and lots of fibre
I SHOULD: get off my butt and make breakfast
I START: to clean the house
I FINISH: only when people are coming over... he he!

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Danielle said...

OMG Tina...your little sweeties are so darn adorable!!!!!! Love the pics :)

LOVE the list too :D