Saturday, February 03, 2007

Tagged by Kimmie by default...

A=Available - for hire... for the right price ;)

B=Best Friend - my sister

C=Cake or pie -pie or cake, any way you slice it

D=Drink of choice - non alcoholic= water, alcoholic- ceasar

E=Essential item you use everyday - AG Waxx for my hair

F=Favourite color -pink

G=Gummy bears or worms - either or... aren' t they the same just a different shape?

H=Hometown - Delhi, On

I= Indulgences - scrapping supplies, ice cream, shopping for clothes

J= January or February - neither... i hate winter

K=Kids and names - 2 daughters Mia & Sophie

L=Life is incomplete without - my family (i'll second that)

M=Marriage date - Oct 24, 1998

N=Number of siblings - one younger sister

O=Oranges or apples - apples but only in pie!

P=Phobias or Fears - bugs, especially flying ones that I don't recognize, or catepillars... and magots!

Q=Favourite Quote - People who don't Think probably don't have Brains; rather, they have grey fluff that's blown into their heads by mistake.” Winnie the Pooh

R=Reason to smile - my kids, my kids, my kids

S=Season - Spring & Fall

T=Tag 3 or 4 people - Danielle, ChrissyW, HeatherV, and anyone else who wants to give it a go

U=Unknown fact about me - my hair is natually black

V=Vegetable you don't like -peas

W= Worst habit - picking my nose when I'm driving... hehe!

X=X-rays - too many to count... toe, hips, head, jaw, hand, back, neck

Y=Your favorite food - Mexian or Thai

Z= Zodiac Sign -Gemini



ChrissyW said...

lol - just what I need - one more thing to do - !!!! k going to go give it a go....

Kimmie said...

EWWW< i hope your kidding about your worst habit, LOL love ya anyway!!