Saturday, February 24, 2007

Big News...

The MNR (Ministry of Natural Resources) called on Wednesday.  They want me to come back to my old job.  I'm quitting my job at Clearstream and only have 1 week left.  The MNR is only a contract, but at least my foot is back in the door and I have time to search for a new job if it doesn't pan out.  I feel at peace right now.  Although telling my supervisor that I was leaving was probably one of the hardest things I've ever had to do.  Hope I never have to do that again... cuz it really sucked!

I have a bit more good news... Last week I did a charity event in Simcoe and although I didn't sell a darn thing, one of the vendors and I chit chatted and now I'm going to be teaching classes in her scrap store in Tillsonburg.  I'm heading out to talk with her today and hopefully if everything works out, I'll have a class to prepare for in March.  Kind of exciting!!

This past week Phil and I caught a bug, but our girls have been healthy (knock on wood).
I'm so ready for spring to come and melt away the crappy snow.  I need to see new life, I wanna work in my flower gardens darn it!

Two weeks ago we went to the Butterfly Conservatory in Niagara.  I have a few pictures to share...


Jen Hoover said...

Wow! awesome pictures :D

I think that's a place I'd like to take the kids -maybe this spring! :)

Looking forward to seeing you again.

Hugs!! :)

ChrissyW said...

oh WOW - gorgeous pics - and WOO HOO about the MNR!!!

Heather said...

Ah so glad that your able to get back to your old job. Getting in the door is half the battle so I'll be praying for you for something permanent.

We were just at the butterfly conservatory this week. I love it there. So peaceful.