Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Great Fun!

Sunday I spent the day with the S! girls. It was great! Had some laughs, got 2 layouts done and a card and envelope for my Nook DT work, had a great meal and wonderful carrot cake dessert and relaxed in the company of good friends; it was fabulous. I also got to play with my new kit for November... wow! Awesome stuff.

I'm home with the girls today. Sophie spiked a fever and Mia is still fighting off a terrible chest cold. We have a Dr's appointment today, thank goodness. Hopefully we can get some stuff resolved and will all be healthy again.

Last weekend we spent some time at the Falls. It was fun until we realized that my purse had been stolen :( I cancelled all of my cards before any damage could be done, but it did put a bit of a damper on the entire weekend. We rode the new skywheel and visited the Aviary... very nice. We rode our bikes along the river and played at the Great Canadian Midway. We ate like pigs and totally enjoyed our family time together.

Just a few pics from that weekend...


ChrissyW said...

cute cute pics - and what fun to scrap with the S! girls!! - Nook DT?? details woman - we need to catch up!!!!

Jen Hoover said...

your purse got STOLEN??? :*( ACK!!! that totally sucks!

I'm happy to hear that it didn't ruin the entire time, b/c your pics look like you had a GREAT time!!

we STILL have Sophie's bday gift here :( we need to get together again! crazy how the time just vanishes!

the rat looks... fun? glad you have a little something to snuggle with.

Heather said...

So sorry to hear about your purse. I recently left my CC at a a store and that was bad enough let alone having to do it for all the cards.

I had a blast on Sunday too. Wished I got to talk with you more but I was trying to get stuff done too.

Anonymous said...

Great pics! Sorry about your purse. That is aweful!!!! Your girls are getting sooo big!

mary h.

patti said...

love love love the pics!! I am so sad about your purse getting stolen!! glad you had a good day though! It was great hanging with you too! oh that carrot cake was sooooo good!!!